Vue.js Extension for twitch

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    6 months ago
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    Web Developer
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    February 27, 2020
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We have an extension backend that is pretty much done and a few devs to help out. We just need a vue.js wiz to blitz and finish the extension. Right now we get a spotify song link of the song a streamer is playing and we then need to allow the viewers of the stream to give us their oAuth token so we can have access to their Spotify account by giving them a login portal within the extension. Once they have logged in, or we already have their token from a previous session, we give them the ability to save the song to their library or add it to one of their playlist.

Twitch is sponsoring a contest so we need to get this submitted by the 26th. Our chances of winning (and your bonus) greatly goes up if we can integrate and apple music API features that do the same thing.