Software Engineer – .NET, Full Stack

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  • Posted:
    6 months ago
  • Category:
    Web Developer
  • Deadline:
    February 27, 2020
  • Languages:
  • Gender:
    Male, Female, Other

We want to provide a quality product in a vast industry as a small, but challenging competitor. With a great working environment and exceptional developers, we’re looking for full stack developers who feel the same.

AccuSystems builds a document imaging and tracking platform that provides excellent productivity and cost savings for banks. We provide an excellent agile environment where software developers work to build great software that solves real problems using a wide variety of technology, tools, and best practices.

Our programming philosophy is to write clean, correct, quality code that uses the best proven practices available to provide robust, easy to maintain solutions that ship once and don’t come back from production, backed by automated tests, manual QA, code reviews, good software design, and collaboration.

In this role, you will strive to produce the vision and direction of our Director of Software Development as part of one of several agile development teams. You will learn our existing application architecture, framework, coding practices, and agile practices and continue these in your work as we strive to complete our business and technology goals.

What we’ll expect from you:

• Excellence in C#
• Excellence in understanding the .NET base class library and available classes and api
• Excellence in software design
• Excellence in test-driven development and writing tests first
• Excellence in object-oriented programming and OO principles
• Excellence in SOLID and other industry proven principles and fundamentals
• Excellence in keeping your code minimal, clean, easy to read and maintain for yourself and others
• Excellence in communication and collaboration under the direction of our director
• Excellence in work item tracking and estimation, ticket and time management, and written skills
• Excellence in Visual Studio
• Excellence in version control (we use SVN)

What you also need:

• Knowledge and experience in design patterns (factory, decorator, and other foundational patterns, …)
• Knowledge and experience in architectural patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM, DDD, layered architecture, …)
• Knowledge and experience of TDD, mocking, stubbing, and knowledge of test types (unit, functional, integration) and continuous effort of writing tests first
• Knowledge and experience in writing SQL and database management
• Knowledge and experience with SQL Management Studio and SQL Server
• Knowledge and experience in writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery
• Knowledge and experience with NuGet package manager
• Knowledge and experience with Web Api
• Knowledge and experience with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC
• Knowledge and experience with WPF
• Knowledge and experience reading ASP (VBScript)
• Knowledge and experience managing IIS
• Knowledge and/or experience with medium to large codebase
• Knowledge or experience working within and around the constraints of a existing and/or legacy codebase

What would be a plus:

• Knowledge and experience with WCF
• Knowledge and experience with WinForms
• Knowledge and/or experience with Axosoft
• Knowledge and/or experience with Moq or similar mocking framework
• Knowledge and/or experience with JS application frameworks like Kendo UI, KnockoutJS, or Angular (we use Kendo)
• Knowledge and/or experience with .NET Standard
• Knowledge and/or experience with .NET Core
• Knowledge and/or experience with Azure
• Knowledge and/or experience with SSRS
• Knowledge and/or experience with TeamCity or similar CI systems
• Knowledge and/or experience with Upsource or similar code review systems
• Knowledge and/or experience with Slack
• Knowledge and/or experience with Office 365
• Knowledge and/or experience with ReSharper, dotCover, etc. (and your own license)
• Knowledge and/or experience with Telerik Fiddler and other Telerik/Progress tools and SDK’s
• Knowledge and/or experience working on a scrum team or similar agile method
• Knowledge and/or experience

What would be a bonus:

• Knowledge and/or experience with document imaging (OCR, TIF, PDF, imaging SDK’s)
• Knowledge and/or experience with TWAIN imaging (scanning)
• Knowledge and/or experience with database optimization