Software developer

  • Salary:
    $900 - $1,200
  • Posted:
    6 months ago
  • Category:
    Web Developer
  • Deadline:
    May 31, 2019
  • Languages:
  • Gender:
    Male, Female, Other

We are creating a dating app that utilizes Blockchain Technology and Machine
Learning to provide a safe and secure dating platform by eliminating the challenges
faced in online dating apps like fake profiles, bots, user privacy, and data abuse.

Safety, security, and privacy are the three major concerns for users who trust
dating apps while sharing any personal information on the platform. Most of the
dating apps today fail to ensure this. Due to lack of technology, they are unable to
verify the identity of a user and there is no fruitful solution for explicit content or
abuse of data within the app.
Our project is addressing such flaws in online dating and eliminate them,
to provide you with a safer and healthy dating ecosystem. We have implemented
Blockchain technology for storing personal information of a user, verification of
profiles and ensuring the safety of data.