JS Developer needed for CSV upload and MongoDB manipulation.

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    6 months ago
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    Web Developer
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    June 20, 2019
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Hi there@ My name is Dustin, and I’m a developer and project manager. I know JS well, but I don’t have the time to be finishing out this piece myself. I’d really appreciate whoever can handle this piece. Here’s the functionality I’m looking for:

1. Create frontend for web portal to sign up or log in as salesperson (auth endpoints already available).
2. Upload CSV through web portal.
3. Send it in a POST to existing NodeJS/Mongo API (need new endpoint for this functionality)
4. Each record (customer) will need to go through the existing process of receiving a unique customer ID and get assigned to the salesperson that is currently logged in.
5. This process will be happening with hundreds to thousands of records in a single CSV and should be reasonably scaleable.

Let me know if you can do that and within the budget. It’s just a loose end on a client project, and we’re looking for someone who can do this quickly.

Thank you!