So You Want to Start a Small Business

Since 2012, Sarah Huck and her husband, Allon Azulai, have operated Kos Kaffe—a high-ceilinged café filled with antique fixtures, delicious aromas, and natural light—on a bustling corner in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

As their explains, “Kos Kaffe (kōs kä fé) conveys the pleasure of one’s daily cup in multiple languages.” Along with roasting and serving top-quality coffee, they also offer a menu showcasing seasonal, local food. Allon is the coffee expert, and Sarah’s responsible for the unforgettable flavor combinations, born from an extensive culinary education, two cookbooks, and more than a decade testing recipes for New York Times food writer Melissa Clark.

But Sarah’s not only a creative chef, she’s also a savvy business person. In 2017, Sarah was awarded the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellowship from the James Beard Foundation. Between her education at Babson Business School and her time in the trenches as an entrepreneur, she’s learned an incredible amount about starting—and running—a successful business.

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